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Too much wind on the boat? Still want to use your outdoor patio, despite the chill in the air? Button up your boat or business against the wind and weather with custom, clear isinglass curtains.

To extend the life of your isinglass curtains, follow these tips for care and maintenance:

  • To clean isinglass, rinse well with clear water and pat dry with a synthetic chamois or soft clean cloth.
  • Refrain from wiping your windows, especially when dry or with a paper towel, as these may scratch the surface.
  • Never fold isinglass, which can result in cracking of the material. One good way to store your curtains is to place a towel on the surface and roll them up.
  • Only use cleaners made especially for see-through plastics. Never use ordinary household cleaners, which can destroy your isinglass in a matter of months.
  • Never use furniture polish on isinglass. These can tint your windows yellow or brown.
  • To protect your isinglass curtains from UV degradation and extend their life optical clarity, apply product made for isinglass every 4 to 6 weeks.
  • To prevent permanent burn marks from the sun’s reflection, do not let your isinglass windows rest against stainless steel or aluminum rails. Invest in offset spacers or cotton covers for the rails.
  • Store your isinglass windows at home during winter lay-up, if possible.

Want to see a portfolio of our work? Visit our shop and view a sample of our projects on a computer desktop slide show.

For over ten years, cruising and racing sailors, architects and homeowners have trusted our expertise to create projects of all descriptions.

For superior quality products from experts in the marine industry, call Canvas Works today at 251-610-0168. Or, visit us at 20730 Highway 181 Suite F in Fairhope – just ¼ mile North of the new Wal-Mart!

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